Hello! My name is Ana and I'm a bilingual reporter following immigration stories at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Earlier this year, I spent two months covering the Florida Legislature for The Associated Press. I wrote about contentious policy issues impacting immigration, the environment, criminal justice and social welfare in the state.

Most of my career, I've taken a front seat in writing about local government and law enforcement agencies. While working for the Monterey County Weekly. I broke news about a quiet policy change at the county jail that resumed the deportation of hundreds of undocumented inmates, which prompted the deportation rate at the jail to skyrocket — 26 times higher than the year prior. I also covered a lawsuit brought forth by inmates — who won the court battle against the county — over beleaguered conditions at the jail. And I tracked an unprecedented number of inmate suicides at that same jail.

My work has also shed light on farmworkers' rights and oversights by the County Department of Social Services in a case involving the torture of three children, two of whom died as a result of the abuse.

Before the Weekly, I was the public safety and breaking news reporter at the Monterey County Herald, where I wrote about widespread police corruption cases and the hefty pensions said corrupt cops received while their criminal cases were ongoing.

You can reach out on social media, or email me at anapceballos14[at]gmail[dot]com.