Here are a few stories I'm proud of.

Mexico's Drug Trade Hits Home

Mexico suffers from growing drug addiction and violence as a byproduct of U.S.-bound narcotics. I was a stringer for The Washington Post and contributed by finding and interviewing Mildred, the main character in the story.

The Boy at the Border

A behind-the-scenes look at the family and the community at the center of an art sensation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tough on Immigration

The election of President Donald Trump gave new impetus to Florida state lawmakers who wanted to push measures seen as tough on immigration, but that had gone nowhere in the Legislature in recent years.

The Republican-controlled Florida House approves a strict ban on so-called sanctuary cities that punishes local officials who resist federal efforts to deport immigrants living in the country illegally.

Welfare Debacle

Florida may again try to require mandatory drug testing for some welfare applicants despite legal battles that halted a previous program. 

Opioid Abuse

The Florida House has rejected a Senate proposal to loosen mandatory minimum-sentence requirements in a bill that cracks down on synthetic drug traffickers, putting the legislation in jeopardy with only one day left for it to pass.

Two Mothers, Two Losses, One Unexpected Bond

A devastating act ultimately sparked the friendship between Lisa Ortiz and Sonjia Viruegas – the murder of Ortiz’s daughter. Viruegas’s son was her killer. After he died in prison, the two began talking. They haven’t stopped since.

Housing Crunch

In the Salinas Valley, thousands of residents live in unhealthy and illegal housing conditions—and little is done to abate the problem. 

Quiet Policy Changes

In Monterey County deportations of undocumented inmates resume after a quiet policy change by the sheriff's office.

Burning Millions

How an overburdened firefighting system will pay for the Soberanes Fire, the most expensive firefight in U.S. history.

Pet Row

A close look at the high euthanasia rates at the SPCA for Monterey County, and the leadership that oversaw those numbers. 

Veteran Care

How better treatment for a veteran and CSUMB responsiveness could have prevented lethal violence.